Join the fun and get faster with our free weekly track sessions.

Open to all CBRC members, these free workouts take place every Tuesday at 6 p.m.,
and are coached by Russ Hart at Paul V. Olsen Track at the Charles Lindberg (football) Stadium,
Augustana College, at 38th St. & 7th Ave. in Rock Island.
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Runners of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.
No experience necessary!
Questions? Call CBRC office at 563-326-1942 or email
Track workouts begin at 6 with coach Russ Hart presenting his planned workout. We divide into several groups based on estimates of pace from a recent 5k or 1 mile time trial. You can guess if you have never raced. If you don't fit the group you choose, you can always change to a faster or slower group. It is ok to ask questions; it seems most of us don't quite get the assignment details the first time. Sometimes Russ even explains why, but the giving the assignment and any announcements usually last less than five minutes.

After the assignment, we will run two laps as warm-up. Most of us will have already run one or two miles on the streets at about 5:30. If you want to stretch, you will have to do it on your own. There is no formal stretching routine.

The workouts typically last from 30 to 45 minutes, but marathoners will get assignments in late summer that will take more than an hour. Every workout is different although there is repetition from one year to the next. The end of the workout consists of two or three laps of "strides" - short speed intervals, skipping, high-stepping, etc.

Expect to make a new friend or two. If you come regularly, work hard, and don't get injured, you will become faster - at least for the first two or three years. There are showers at Carver hall and some runners will go somewhere to eat after the workout.

See Weekly Runs for schedule.