Using this form will help you get the right information formatted to fit in Nearby Races. If your race was listed last year and nothing has changed except the RaceDate then it is probably simpler to send us an email with the new date and we'll update last year's entry.

We view a nearby race as being one within about 150 miles of the Quad Cities. We'll make some exceptions to this rule -- especially if you will place a race application or ad in our newsletter or join the Cornbelt Running Club.

Our web site is supported by member dues. We are a non-profit organization that has to watch our budget. Your race listing helps our members as well as your race's organization. Please consider becoming a member of the Cornbelt Running Club.

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Examples: Yourtown IA   High School   YMCA Summer Hustle  5k, 1mi, kids 1/4mi@9:30
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