6 and 7 May, 2017 - Eldridge, Iowa

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Complete Results

Attached please find the final results of the Cornbelt Running Club's 24 Hour race held 6-7MAY2017 held in Eldridge, Iowa at the North Scott High School track.

Last year's 1st place male, Paul Wilkerson from Metamora IL returned this year to finish 1st male again and winner overall, fighting to hang on to his lead from a hard charging 2nd place male finisher newbie Jason Charley from Dubuque IA. The two kept everyone watching their final several hours to see the end results for running for 24 hours. Just a touch over 3 miles separated the two runners in the final mileage total. Paul completing over 104 miles to Jason's just over 101 miles, these being the only two finishers with over 100 miles for the 24 hour period.

1st place female, Karen Gall from South Saint Paul, MN returned to the race for the 3rd time and fought for her final mileage of for just over 86 miles.

Winner's receive large hour glass trophies for their efforts and any participant with over 100k (over 62 miles) completed received a plaque of Iowa for their efforts. in all 20 participants were awarded out of the total of 33 entries.

The race enjoys a legion of volunteers that coordinate and help put on the race as well as many businesses in Eldridge Iowa that host the participants for the weekend.

Contact me, Bonnie Busch, for additional information:
cell 563-349-9120