1 and 2 May, 2010 - Eldridge, Iowa

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Complete Results

The 29th annual Cornbelt Running Club's 24 Hour Run completed Sunday morning at 7:00 am.

A thirty-five year old female from Chicago, IL, Jennifer Aradi, proved herself to be the real deal with an overall win collecting 123.61 miles for a 24 hour period. That was just less than a mile shy of the female course record for the event that was established in 1984. No doubt the day's winds and intermittent rain after midnight further stressed her efforts. She definitely took it in stride, running up to the end of the race and smiling about how close she got to the record. She ran strong and smart all day to achieve the overall win. Patrick McCartney, a 38 year old from Knightson, IN, demonstrated his strong running but disrupted his rhythm for most of the afternoon and didn't allow him to chase Jennifer down once she had passed him. Patrick's total race mileage of 111.38 placed him second overall and first male. He like Jennifer demonstrated perseverance to the end. Three others delivered 100+ mile finishes. 29 finishers out of a total field of 41 completed over 62 miles. Runners came from 10 different states to participate and 21-79 was the age range of participants.

In addition to the main race, there were multiple events occurring with the race. Seventy year old Minnesotan, Ed Rousseau delivered just over 53 miles in 12 hours for a potential US record. Race certification will be submitted for validation and certification for Ed's effort that may increase the record but just over a mile. After several breaks, Ed continued to add mileage at a slower pace and ended the 24 hour period with 73.5 miles. Seventy-nine year old Iowa native Glen Zirbel captured attention as he laid down consistent miles to complete a total of 62.38 total miles for the event.

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