Prices for CBRC rental equipment and race scoring services.

Prices when not using Race Scoring Services.

Race application   $80
  in CBRC News
  An extra month   $70
Chronomix timer    $.10 per runner ($20 minimum)
Time machine       $.15 per runner ($25 minimum)
Small race clock   $.10 per runner ($20 minimum)
Large race clock   $.15 per runner ($25 minimum)
Stanchions         $.10-$.20 per runner ($15 minimum)
Traffic cones      $.25 each (replacement $6)
CBRC trailer       $35.00 (delivery charge)
Mile markers       $2.00 each
Gun                $2.00
Bull horns         $2.00 each

Contact Karl Ungurean,
563.324.2250. To reserve equipment.

Full Race Scoring Services with Chips

No New Races

Due to lack of knowledgeable volunteers we are only scoring races that have been timed by us before, .i.e we are not taking new races. The discription is left here as reference for those races we still time.

Chip Handling

Chips are the re-usable variety. We prefer to distribute them near the start beginning an hour or two prior to start. At packet pickup or late registration each runner gets a bib with the runner's name as usual. The bib is the ticket to get the chip with the same number. This helps assure the chip gets on the correct runner's shoe.

Chip Start

Mats for reading chips are set up at both the start line and the finish line. Each runner is timed from the start line to the finish line. There is not much advantage for competitive runners to crowd the start line making for a more leisurely start. This method is advantageous for larger races.

Cost is $2.00 registered runner with $350 minimum.

Gun Start

Mats are set up only at the finish line. Each runner is timed from the gun to the finish line. Competitive runners will crowd near the start line. This method is best suited to smaller races. (Less than 500)

Cost is $1.50 registered runner with $300 minimum.

Either method includes:

The race director's responsibilities:

  1. Get the race application to the news letter editor on time.
  2. Make arrangements for equipment required.
  3. Arrange pulling the trailer. Your volunteer or $35 for Cornbelt volunteer.
  4. Distribute and collect chips
    • Hand out numbered chips to the correct person (bib number) just before start.
    • Create a roped off finish area. Stanchions and ropes provided.
    • Collect chips from runners' shoes in finish area
    • Organize chips. The race will be billed $10 for each missing chip.
  5. Collect and make available race applications for data entry.
  6. Arrange registration with pre-labeled bibs for pre-registered runners and hand writing bibs for race day registration.

Our responsibilities:

  1. Publish the race application.
  2. Enter into our computer the information on race applications.
  3. Print labels before packet pick-up for placing on bibs.
  4. Do computer entry of race day registrations up to race start.
  5. Compute full age group results.
  6. Provide a printed copy at the race, usually available about 30 minutes after the race end.
  7. Provide runner names and addresses for next year mailing.
  8. Post results at

Examples show some possibilities. Your requirements will likely vary.

Example 1. You have a new race and expect 200 runners; you get 120.
Full Scoring Services, your cost is $300.
Separate pricing (no chips) is $159.
$80  Race application
$15  You need 60 cones at $.25
$24  You need 8 stanchions at $.20 times 120 runners.
$20  You choose small clock (minimum).
$20  Chronomix timer (minimum).
You choose to have someone pickup and return the equipment.
You choose to post bib strips on a plywood sheet and have a
volunteer transcribe times from the timer to the bib strips.
You decide to not publish full results.

Example 2. You have an established race and expect and get 600 runners.
Full Scoring Services, your cost is $1200.  It rains and only 450 come - $900.
Separate pricing (no chips) is $365.
$80  Race application
$40  You need 160 cones at $.25
$60  You need 20 stanchions at $.10 times 600 runners.
$90  You choose large clock. $.15 X 600 runners.
$60  Chronomix timer. $.10 X 600 runners.
$35  Trailer Delivery
You devise a scheme to enter race applications into a spread sheet
and manually enter corresponding times so that you can publish full